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Badass Big Brother by MsRain on DeviantArt

Badass Big Brother by MsRain on DeviantArt

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Elf ears Ear Cuffs

Elf ears Ear Cuffs by BeautyCreek on Etsy, $29.99

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Writing a Mystery Novel - 7 Elements

Writing a mystery novel involves creating suspense, actively involving the reader, using red herrings and more. Learn how to write great mystery fiction.

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My aunt played with these and as a teen she let me look at them. In 7 mixings of the bag I pulled the identical 5 runes time after time. Is there something to these? Who cares. It is a violation of Torah to keep them. I was young then I simply did not know about the world. Freaky. The Viking runes

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Of course.

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|| Rita and Phill specializes in custom skirts. Follow Rita and Phill for more modern accessory images.

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Awesomeeeeee (: This is really cool I would like to take a road trip and do the same thing as well

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I love the seven deadly sins, the love yourself so we have something in common, and the whole brotp thing YES

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I think it's more normal to want the Impala instead of this pink nightmare. ;)

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Dwarvish alfabet - Khuzdul we can pass notes in class without getting in trouble if they don't know what it says right?

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