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Fast forward a couple years later, when you say you're over Nickelodeon (even though you still secretly watch it). Your main form of entertainment is this bad boy.

31 Pictures Will Give You Nostalgic Flashbacks To Better Times

Professor Baltazar Cartoon
Retro Toys | Ice Cream Cone Shooters - I'd shoot them at my sisters heads lol. Good times.
Junior elektro
#TBT Throwback Thursday... 80s and 90s kids I can still remember the cheat code! Up down left right repeat.......
Loved this!

Spirograph: Vintage 1960s Toy Complete Set

Absolutely loved the Aladdin game. I was the first to beat it. My Brothers weren't so happy. Lol
My best friend now was one of my best friends when I was 12, and we watched this at every sleepover!
<b>Brought to you by that annoying paperclip from Microsoft Word.</b>

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