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How We Use A Beka Phonics in Our Homeschool

We have had great success using this phonics program! Want to know how we use A Beka phonics in our homeschool preschool?

A Beka Book Homeschooling' really awesome stuff! Same curriculum as local Private school!

A Beka Book Homeschool. By providing a traditional approach to education, A Beka Book assists parents in training their children in knowledge, character, and traditional subject matter.

A Beka Book provides Christian schools and homeschools with outstanding curriculum and textbooks built on a foundation of academic excellence and Christian character training. Schools and homeschools benefit from our treasury of textbooks and teaching materials that reflect the very best in traditional education, comprehensive curriculum, and eternal truths.

A wonderful Christian school curriculum! God and His Word are incorporated into every subject! Great for homeschooling!

Organizing A Beka files.

A few posts back, I shared my thoughts on Abeka: First Grade . While I'm starting to get the hang of it and our days are going much smooth.