A cinderella story

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A Cinderella Story. Love Chad Michael Murray (awkward when your mom points out who he looks like in your life)
21 Reasons “A Cinderella Story” Was A Masterpiece Of The Mid ’00s (BuzzFeed): love this
one of my FAVORITE movies ever watched it over 100 times, memorized all the lines... and this is THE SWEETEST SCENE EVER obvi. gazebo and lights <3
My inspiration for my wedding is this scene. Has been since the first time I watched A Cinderella Story
13 Rare Photos Of The Cast Of "A Cinderella Story" That Will Give You All The Feels
A Cinderella Story - the scene where they are dancing in the gazebo has always left me awestruck.
13 Amazing Rare Photos Of The Cast Of “A Cinderella Story”
No sugar, no carbs, and is fat free
OH MY GOD HOW CAN HE NOT RECOGNISE HER AFTERWARDS!! I don't understand, it's only a little, tiny mask thing. #crazy #ACinderellaStory
A Cinderella Story....the movie that made me fall in love with Chad Michael Murray
A Cinderella Story
Another Cinderella story
A Cinderella Story.. I have to say if u did this for a prom picture it would be really cute.. He would just have to change back into his tux after the picture.
hillary duff and chad michael murray
Austin & Sam ; Cinderella Story
One of my favorite lines from A Cinderella Story!  Love this movie (: