An abandoned Missouri Highway Patrol car from the 1940’s. LOVE this!

'Forgotten Law', Missouri Highway Patrol Car, photo composite by Corey Cassaw

Cactus garden old truck. Mother Natures Auto Collection reminds of of Baja California                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A little sand and open space allows the lucky desert dweller to escape the usual conventions of temperate gardening and discover the joys of desert landscaping at it's finest. If you love old trucks this idea just warms your heart.

I'm sure this picture tells an interesting story ...

This picture represents Nate's dad. Nate's dad lost his job and his car and was in a very bad spot financially. Nate really needed the million dollars to help out his dad with money and was a very big reason Nate was practicing so hard to make this shot.

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Lying on a blanket of Autumn leaves, these captivating scenes of abandoned vintage cars caught the attention of an urban explorer and photographer known online as DARKstyle Pictures.

6 Haunting Photographs of Abandoned Vintage Cars Lying in a Forest

These seemingly abandoned vintage cars photographed in a forest feature historic racing cars and rusting vehicles bearing the distinctive Iron Cross.