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This is Not Sōkt Brō

It's not my fault it looked like a roast beef and Swiss melt! <~~~ and this pinner made it even funnier!

My girlfriend has 206 bones in her body adult humor

Inappropriate but funny pictures - Treat your inner demon - PMSLweb


Not really massage appropriate, but my fiancé found it snd thought it was hilarious. I'm betting a lot of women can relate.

Lip service that doesn't require a data plan

21 years, curious girl, exploring new things, without taboos and so happy with my owner 😏 NSFW

☆ Lilys Library Yesterday...

😂😂😂ummm this is probably me considering the dirty mind and vocabulary.

Lol- coolsexyvibes

She is very GULPable / oops meant Gullible ! As gullible as a seagull who believes people love seagulls that crap on their cars paintwork ! Now that’s Gullible ‼️😱✔️

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Whiskey: the night time sniffling, sneezing, how the hell did I end up on the bathroom floor medicine.

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We don't lick people! Lies adults tell kids : General Random Naughtiness We Should All Be Spanked For