Axl Rose 'Guns n' Roses' / Steven Tyler 'Aerosmith' Wish i was there

Axl Rose 'Guns n' Roses' / Steven Tyler 'Aerosmith' I want this as a poster soooooo bad

I first saw them perform in a school cafeteria and knew they'd be a world-wide phenomenon!  Many years ago, to say the least.

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith band, they were my favorite band to see in concert. Steven Tyler could put on a show. We had so much fun at his concerts!

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I believe it is not a coincidence that i have a looot loot a very very very lot of picture resembles to his gesture and mimics. ENTPs rule the world.

What Happened to Steven Tyler- News & Updates  #Aerosmith #StevenTyler

Steven Tyler is an American singer who is best known for being the lead vocalist of the rock band, Aerosmith.

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Aerosmith- Basically the first band I ever fell in love with. Say what you will but they'll always have a special place in my heart.

Steven Tyler in a dress looking thing...........Dude looks like a lady!!!!

Steven Tallarico AKA Steven Tyler in a dress looking thing.Dude looks like a lady!