Matthew and Sophia on the set. Now that we know that Matthew is such an animal lover, it ain't surprising to see him with Katherine's dog ... alexander 'alec' lightwood, the mortal instruments, shadowhunters, matthew daddario

Katherine McNamara: “Matt and his puppy parabatai Sophie.” / Shadowhunters TV Show News "Puppy parabatai" that is too cute

Loki, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Stiles Stilinski, Alec Lightwood, Percy Jackson, Sirius Black, Damon Salvatore, and Moriarty on a lazy day? xD

let’s see…Will Herondale Percy Jackson Harry Potter Nico Di Angelo Sirius Black James Potter Zuko Jon snow Zach Gale….Shall I continue?

Una ¿Shadowhunter?(Alec Lightwood y ____) - Cap.VII #wattpad #fanfic

Una ¿Shadowhunter?(Alec Lightwood y ____) - Cap.VII

VII from the story Una ¿Shadowhunter?(Alec Lightwood y ____) by zoegracemclean (⚜Little O'brien⚜) with reads.

Alec | Shadowhunters ..... SO HOT I JUST CAN NOOOOOOTTTT

Saga Time: Libro My Past Does Not Define Me (terminada) Libro # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad