Aleksandr Rodchenko - Russian Photography - Nailya Alexander Gallery

Aleksandr Rodchenko - Russian Photography - Nailya Alexander Gallery

"Krisis," by Aleksandr Rodchenko, 1923  ( war / photography / art / collage / russian / soviet / photo montage  )

Aleksandr Rodchenko, Krizis (Crisis), gelatin silver photograph after original photomontage made for Lët: Avio-stikhi in

Constructivist poster by Alexander Rodchenko. In revolutionary Soviet Russia, artistic theory on collage and other manipulation of images to express ideas developped. The constructivists build ideas as they build images, in line with the goal to build a new society.

Georgii and Vladimir Stenberg - 1929 construtivist movie poster for the film The Man With a Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov)

Stadium Dinamo (Dynamo Stadium) by Alexander Rodchenko

View Stadium Dinamo Dynamo Stadium by Alexander Rodchenko on artnet. Browse more artworks Alexander Rodchenko from Richard Saltoun Gallery.

Alexander Rodchenko

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4 A pesar del reconocimiento actual, Rodchenko se vio relegado al ostracismo estalinista, hasta el punto de tener que abandonar la fotografía en 1942. A pesar de que, antes y después de la revolución, se comprometio en asociaciones artísticas de carácter progresista y comunista.

Alexander Rodchenko - Caricature Showing Osip Brik, variant of a cover for LEF Magazine 1924 - Gelatin-silver print - x cm - Private collection - © Rodchenko’s Archive - ProLitteris, Zurich