Kate Hudson as Penny Lane in Almost Famous

23 Ways You're Really Penny Lane From "Almost Famous"

Almost Famous. love this movie...made being a groupie...excuse me a bandaid...look so cool

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almost famous.. why i saw this for the first time a few nights ago, i'm not sure. it's toooo good.

"Almost Famous" is about a budding rock journalist who's covering a story and an exclusive interview for the band Stillwater.


One of my all-time favorite female characters is miss Penny Lane from Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous. Kate Hudson radiates light as Penny.

Almost Famous <3. Mi frase mantra de una peli que cambió mi vida.

Fairuza Balk as Black Sabbath/Stillwater groupie SAPPHIRE, in my all time favorite movie, "Almost Famous". She had better outfits than Penny Lane