American Psycho. Patrick Bateman. Christian Bale. FIT IN. haha if you know the movie this will make you laugh

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Christian Bale at his finest. American Psycho.

A Complete Guide To The Men's Fashion In 'American Psycho'

American Psycho Why Can't I Be You? I can almost forget the shit-show that was Terminator Salvation (Hey, I can appreciate summer blockbusters too!) every time that I watch Christian Bale in.

American Psycho bloody mug. | 31 Creepy Items Every Horror Fan Should Own. I kinda need all of these things

American Psycho Tall Mug by TeapotRobot on Etsy I'm the only one in my family who would get this and I doubt a teacher could have this mug - not in elementary school

peptalks over the eyes of a face? for the campaign? interesting imagery

American Psycho (2000)

'American Psycho' Great performance by Christian Bale. The book by Bret Easton Ellis did gross me out much more than the movie, I had to have a very long break from it half way through.

My favorite  quote. It's such an amazing quote that it's hanging up in my bedroom except it says: there is an ideas of a (my name), then the quote.  American psycho

American Psycho (by Bret Easton Ellis) - quote of the 'hero'-narrator, Patrick Bateman.