Favorite Pins Friday!

What gets a capital letter?- This anchor chart tells all the different things that get a capital letter. Using anchor charts are a DAP.

Making Connections Anchor Chart: Can be shown in a different way for upper grades. Still a good basic chart to remind students as they read. Anchor charts are a main element of a literacy-rich classroom

Anchor Chart Eye Candy!

Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. Use collective nouns (e. Kids could make these to differentiate types of nouns ( common, proper, possessive)

Ice Blue

Funky First Grade Fun: Make Your Anchor Charts Awesome! (freebie)

Adjective Anchor Chart I love the color and illustration. This would be a fun and inviting way to introduce my students to the various adjectives that they can use. I could even start with the questions, and allow the class to come up with the answers.

Point of View - Anchor Chart - Elementary/Middle ELA Edit: Limited - Outside View + 1 Character's Thoughts

Teaching Story Elements & A WONDER Freebie!

Here are a few great anchor charts on Cause and Effect from around the web: From Second Grade Smarty Arties From Room 201 at GCCS.