Expiration dates are for the weak - I'm pretty sure this is what my mom thinks. :)

Expiration Dates: Decoding

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If you Can't Be Someone's Reason to Smile, Be Their Reason to Drink Tray - Anne Taintor - Sweet Pea and Tulip

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You're just being paranoid. Not one person in this entire church suspects that we're stoned.

This one MIGHT be my favorite yet. I can sooooooo relate to this, ha!

Anne Taintor captions: clear your throat and make that noise one more time. I dare you.

when you make it yourself it's whatever size you say it is- Anne Taintor

And remember, size had changed throughout history (in sewing patterns), so even though you might be a in modern clothing, in patterns, you would be a Accept and love your body for the amazing things it can do.

And by IF, we mean WHEN. Pinned by Chelsea Hanlin; original image by Anne Taintor.

If you’re going to kick ass, you need kickass shoes. Shoe quotes on…

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I have discovered the fountain of youth, and it looks and tastes a lot like Vodka - Anne Taintor