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Like we said, Leslie is a handful. Photo: Todd Lahman

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Cute Baby Monkeys | 30 Cute Baby Animals But Seeing It From Not Cute | Interior Design ...

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Guide To Men's Hat Styles

Guide To Men's Hat Styles

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Budi, le petit orang outan recueilli et soigné après une année de maltraitrancesBudi, un bébé o...

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angry silverback gorillas

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PYGMY MARMOSET.....found in the rainforests of Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and of the smallest primates and the smallest monkey in the world....a body length of 4.75 - 6 inches, a tail of 7 - 9 inches and a weight 3.53 - 4 oz....spend most of their time in the trees and are rarely on the ground....a curled up Pygmy Marmoset fits into a human palm

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Kenya, Nakuru national park, babouin doguera (Papio hamadryas anubis), youngs playing

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Orangutans attend 'jungle school' so they can be returned to safe forests

The heart and souls of the rehabilitated orangutans of Borneo capture the true spirit of hearted, loving, sharing, adventurous, determined and bursting with life! Malaysia is beautiful one moment and simply breathtaking the next. #MalaysiaAus #AirAsia

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In pictures: Wildlife photo award

It's soft fluff with a face. I can't even handle it.

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Auburn Hair Bathed In Sunlight by Tom H Via Flickr: Mom and son at the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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