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Apps that can mimic human conversations are one of the hottest technologies around right now. Here's why.

artificial intelligence - Google-keresés(this is what I think ... how do u teach a system when the system itself is marred with stories of hate war intolerance...a.i is only an extension of who we are right now in humanity... n the glitch is in our actions ... the example we set )


Facebook Launches New Artificial Intelligence Lab


Image brought to you courtesy of | An Alien Gift to Mankind | An artificial intelligent music therapist broadcasts electronic brainwave therapy across healing binaural beat frequencies by combining isochronic tones, tranquilizing vibrations & alien messages of peace transmitted below the threshold of conscious perception.


Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Average Japanese High School Senior in English [Artificial Intelligence News: Artificial Intelligence Books:]


Digitalisering - paralysering? | Ontrax


The top A.I. breakthroughs of 2015 | Progress in artificial intelligence and machine learning has been impressive this year. Those in the field acknowledge progress is accelerating year by year, though it is still a manageable pace for us. The vast majority of work in the field these days actually builds on previous work done by other teams earlier the same year, in contrast to most other fields where references span decades... [AI News…

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'Neurons to Nirvana' Makes the Case for Deeper Scientific Research Into Psychedelics

Neurons to Nirvana, interview w writer producer