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Akhenaten Turned from worshipping deities to belief in ONE god - after looking at the sun and believing there had to be one creator. Soon after becoming pharaoh of Egypt, Akhenaten discarded his royal name and loyalty to Amon. He turned away from old priests and began the cult of the sun disk -- the Aten. Akhenaten acknowledged that Aten was the single god except Re, the sun god. He banned the worship of Amon and closed down sacred temples.

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Temple of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) ~ It is the prime temple here (also known as Gempateen). The ancient meaning of this name translates as: “The Sun Disc is Found in the Estate of God Aten”. ~ Luxor, Egypt ~ Miks' Pics "Acnient Egypt" board @

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A detail of a relief showing Nefertiti kissing her daughter, perhaps Merytaten, under the rays of the Aten

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City of Armarna: 18th Dynasty, Worshiping Aten

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Akhenaten and Nefertiti adoring the Aten

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♔ Akhenaten Egypt's "heretic" Pharaoh ~ He began a new monotheistic religion centered around the Aten, a non-anthropomorphic sun god.

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Shabti of Isis, the singer of the Aten 18th Dynasty, New Kingdom Amarna Period

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Juvenile pharaoh Echnaton by petrus.agricola, via Flickr a lot of rare photo from Amarna

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Aten was the sun-disk, the body in which the essence of the divine being was made visible. He rose to prominence in the reign of Amenhotep IV, who thought of himself as the embodiment of Aten. The king changed his name from Amenhotep ('Amun-is-satisfied') to Akhenaten ('Glorified-Spirit-of-the-Aten'), and designed an iconography in which Aten was depicted as a sun-disk with rays ending in hands. Akhenaten and his wife, Nefertiti, created a new city, Amarna (Horizon-of-Aten).

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