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Austin Carlile from Of Mice and Men is hands down one of my all time idols. He is such an inspiration to me, especially with all of the things he's been through. He has taught me to have a positive aspect on life especially with his band's music!

Hey babes!! @Melissa Tredinnick. Panic![= & I missed the American Dream Tour, & considering that there were many others who missed it as well, we thought we would start a petition to get our followers to bomb Oliver & Austin with tweets saying that they should have an AD II. SO- P L E A S E go bomb them with tweets! We are hoping for a reply, so if they reply to you please tag Sarah and I! Now- Repin, tag all your friends & followers who like BMTH & OM&M, & go bomb those boys with tweets…

Oliver Sykes Austin Carlile bring me the horizon of mice men the american dream tour

He is such a strong person! My inspiration right here

Of Mice and Men Frontman Austin Carlile Shares Devastating Message as He Faces Life-Threatening Illness

Austin Carlile Squidgy Of mice and men

Austin Carlile Squidgy Of mice and men i am quite LITERALLY jealous of squidgy

Austin Carlile - with a sleepy puppy <3 http://www.facebook.com/pages/Creative-Boys-Club/574340755933728

Austin and his pit. Glad to see someone still cares for the pitbulls. Go Austin!