Nytt badrum i 50-talsstil

Vintage olive coloured sinks, orange basin taps and a bold encaustic tile floor make this bathroom a complete winner

Perfekt stilmöte – 60-tal utanpå och svartvitt 50-tal inuti - Sköna hem

Perfekt stilmöte – 60-tal utanpå och svartvitt 50-tal inuti

Byggfabriken – modern byggnadsvård: Inspirationsbilder – FunkisWC med grönt kakel

A wide range of hardware and interior details for renovation and restoration of cultural heritage environments and old to semi-modern housing.

Railway tiles and Grey grout- A must have in my flat space one day

Subway tile, and industrial sink with towel bar in front. BUT, most of all I love the ledge behind the sink. A shelf would do-so space isn't wasted. Bathroom in New Farm Arbour House designed by Owen and Vokes and Peters.

Claesson Koivisto Rune. Bathtub with a mirror.

Bathroom ~ long mirror cabinet + ledge, overall white square tiles + same size gray on floor, tub front mirrored to visually expand the space designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune Design (for minimal No.


Four Seasons - eclectic - bathroom tile - other metro - Ceramiche Supergres - love the waterfall effect