While not a traditional recipe in any sense of the word, these bagels deliver everything they should, from their tender but chewy interiors to their crisp, glossy, and beautifully blistered crust.

BraveTart's Magic Bagels: They Stay Fresh for Days

If a pretzel and a bagel were to make a delicious love child, this might be it. What would we call such a thing? A Pregel? A Batzel? Just a soft pretzel in a different shape? Whatever you want to c…

I made these for Beckett & they are amazing! If a pretzel and a bagel were to make a delicious love child, this might be it. What would we call such a thing? A Pregel? A Batzel? Just a soft pretzel in…

Easy homemade bagel recipe. Make these for breakfast tomorrow! | Jellibeanjournals.com

New York Style Bagels

Bagels are a breakfast staple, so why not make your own. Get your kids involved and experiment with different flavors. Once they are baked, spread with Nutella if desired.

New York Bagels - The Candid Appetite

I love to cook/bake and my favorite thing to bake is homemade bagels. I learned how to make these in Israel when I was staying on a Kibbutz for a few days. There's nothing better than homemade bagels for breakfast, which is my favorite meal of the day!

Bagel lovers, feast upon these yummy bagel sandwich ideas

Bagel sandwich recipes you'll want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Ok...so I'll probably make my own homemade bagels about the same time I start milking my own cow but hey...its a nice thought..

Homemade Bagels (Step-by-Step)

I made bagels once.a cooking project for my students. Homemade Bagels {Step-by-Step} Hmmm.I love bagels but will I be willing to make my own.

homemade asiago cheese bagels I howsweeteats.com

Homemade Asiago Cheese Bagel Recipe

Bagels smeared with cream cheese, then piled high with lox, capers, onions and cucumbers

Bagels with Lox, Red Onion, Cream Cheese & Capers - David's Favorite. Use toast instead of bagels, cucumber optional.

Ob mit Mohn bestreut, mit Käse überbacken oder mit Blaubeeren verfeinert - mach dir die runde Bagel-Welt, wie sie dir gefällt!

Der köstliche Kreis des Lebens – Bagels selber machen

Dem handtellergroßen Gebäck mit dem typischen Loch in der Mitte kann kaum…