This street you probably should’ve lived on {]|[} AAAGGGGH GREEN DAY YESSSS

22 Tumblr Posts That Will Make Former Emo Kids Cry With Laughter

And Gerard Way is the sheriff of Emo Road since he can't find Emo Town. I had to lol XD

Been obsessed? As in past tense? That's so cute!

As in past tense? Because I still listen to five of these bands daily.

YO CONOZCO A PANIC! AT THE DISCO. Ellos son los mejores nunca!!! Marcela y yo siempre cantar junto a ellos!

Which part of the Emo Holy Trinity are you

Finally answer that question that's been tormenting you deep inside for so long: what would you name your 2000s emo band?

The Official Emo Band Name Generator

The Official Emo Band Name Generator Our Final Black Night<<Our Final Chemical Valentine.