Tree bookshelf (

A Book About Bookshelves To Put On Your Very Own Bookshelf

A tree grows in book-lyn? No, a book grows in tree-land? Either way, this beautiful Tree Bookshelf is a whimsical piece that's just as imaginative as the books

tree bookcase

Cozy, Creative Ways To Display Books in The Nursery

Tree book shelves -- great for kids room. Enticement to read. I'd like to see it made with darker wood or painted a rich brown color and placed in a living room. Also, this is full like a summer tree, I'd keep it more like late autumn with fewer displays.

The Abc-tree poster by ISAKhave in the children's room!

The Abc-tree poster by ISAK comes in a playful and lovely design with different letters that helps children learn the alphabet. The design is also available as 123 - poster that together creates a perfect set to have in the children's room!

Fina hyllor

"Out of the Box: On another wall in the bedroom, wooden cubbies are hung for displaying knickknack items. Colorful fabric swatches used as backing make bright accents against the wall. The boxes can be easily rearranged and added to over time." so cute.

Liten dörr

Writing Prompt: One day you find this tiny door at a corner of your bedroom. What do you do? Who uses that door? Where does the door lead? - fairy door with a tiny ladder?

Platsbyggda hyllor barnrum snedtak

Möblera barnrum med snedtak – inspiration


Turned an old dresser into a great piece for a boys baseball room. oh yes, definitely doing this instead of throwing the old dresser in the trash! Could use tape instead of having to paint.