We could have the island with a wood countertop flow down the side where it goes all the way down. But that side pulls out to be a table that pulls out from the side.the top part that doesn't move would be the height of a bar size top

Cuisine design avec îlot - like the island design, lower table / bar with higher area for cooking. Dark design and floor, open to outside similar to ours

Sponsrat inlägg: Karlatornet Skylevel

Sponsrat inlägg: Karlatornet Skylevel (Trendenser)

oeps wat donker Check out Karlatornet - A new landmark for Gothenburg Sweden and the entire Nordic Region.

6 Slot Modern Barn Door

Simply elegant, 6 Panel Barn Door, available with wood, clear acrylic, or frosted acrylic inserts. Made in the Midwest Hand crafted by a master craftsman Outstanding design and construction As picture

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