black girl problems | Tumblr OMG...this happened to me today!! It's tough being all NAP-TURAL!!! lol

This is definitely a Black Girl (with natural hair) Problems. I've broken a few rat tail combs in my day as well.

Black Girl Problems lol I always do this

Bahah and people don't understand. I'm not trying to blind you. I have to be in the light or we will be retaking the photo

Omg yes!!! I hate that! If I thought you were racist, I wouldn't hang out with you.....obviously I don't so just say the stupid word already!!!

Black Girl Problems 5 I'm black! Your not European American so don't hyphenate my race!

18 Annoying AF Beauty Problems Black Girls Have (Mix People Problems)

Sometimes it seems like beauty and hair products are only made for white people. Here are 18 annoying beauty problems all black girls have.

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Black Girl Problems I actually got pulled aside from a teacher in high school for that!

If there’s one constant in a black girl’s life, it’s the hair salon. We become accustomed to its four walls as little kids, impatiently wriggling around in a massive chair as the smell of burnt hair and hair spray assaults our nostrils, R&B music blaring in the background. As we get older, we can’t help … Read More

38 #BlackSalonProblems That Haunt Every Black Girl On The Planet

16 Reasons The Hashtag Is So Real And So Funny [Gallery] - Black Hair Information

18 Annoying AF Beauty Problems Black Girls Have

18 Annoying AF Beauty Problems Black Girls Have

French braids...

French braids...