Black girl problems

Black Girl Problems.
black girl problems | Tumblr
Black Girl Problems....And black girls don't  want to date black guys anymore either. So, not really a problem.
Hahaha i dont know why this is so funny to girl problems | Tumblr
Black Girl Problems #79 Almost got sent home in high school for that!
I have black girl problems all the time...Obviously
I am not a black girl but, I can totally understand this problem!
black girl problems @Robin Fuller Bruce i can see you doing this.....oh wait you have already done it.
People always come to me for lotion, because I'll always have some. haha
Black Girl Problems
Omg yes!!! I hate that! If I thought you were racist, I wouldn't hang out with you.....obviously I don't so just say the stupid word already!!!
Please. I'm educated. But I can get "black" if you want me to!
Black Girl Problems. - I honestly would NEVER do that, I don't what's wrong with these girls who cuss out their parents, my mom would put me 6ft under, haha.
I don't understand how people say all black people look alike..UH NO WE DON'T. Its those asians (korean, chinese, japanese, those of that nature) that look just alike and white people.
Guilty at times.   **Update - got called out for doing this last night. Lol
haha, all the time! But seriously, how do you pronounce MAYA wrong?!?!?!?! Now everyone thinks my name is similar to mayonnaise...I think they're doing it to bug me...