I have pinned this in my piercings board, but her hair is too wonderful to not put here.

What is Your Alternative Stereotype?

skate photography hair girls boys girl fashion eyes Cool quotes summer hippie hipster vintage boho indie Grunge boy Clothes urban retro bohemian pastel Alternative goth wild skater leggings gypsy tatoo littlem-e-r-maid

My hair is black all I need is to poof it c:

*heavy british accent* Hello my names Daily or Dail. I'm pan sexual. I get into trouble a lot but I don't care. I smoke and cut because reasons.

Black scene hair. #loveit

Maddi/Mason)"ugh this year is gonna be so awkward if I switch from girl to boy again and again"I groan

normal scene hair - Google Search

{FC:Verena Schizophrenia} Hey I'm Jinx I'm single and I am in a band I also draw stuff that ends up getting tattooed on people.