Bobby pins and hair ties are always great to have on hand. Let your wedding day be no different.  Your undo AND your bridal party will thank you for it. #Hairdo #WeddingDayLooks

illustrated art print created from an original gouache painting by Anna Bond. A perfect print to spruce up your powder room! Archival printed on natural white wove paper. - archival print Made by Rifle Paper Company

Insider Stylist Secrets: Bobby Pin Tips -  You've probably got a drawer full of them, or used one in a pickle to tame an unruly ponytail... But you may not know the BEST ways to use the bobby pin. As a hair stylist I cannot say enough about my love for bobby pins- they really are a stylist's best friend! So here are my best tips for using them...


Insider Stylist Secrets: Bobby Pin Tips *(Finally! Bobby pins are surprisingly dificult to use)

Learning how to use bobby pins correctly can be trickier than you think. If you've ever found yourself struggling to keep your updo in place, check out these tips and tricks. Before long, you'll know how to keep your hair exactly where you want it, no matter how windy it is outside. -

How to Use Bobby Pins: A Beginner's Guide

how to use bobby pins correctly - they will fly anyway, but wavy side against the head dry shampoo, hairspray or structure spray on pins make them grip better use buddy system - secure the pins with another pin

DIY Egyptian Necklace (made from bobby pins/hair grips and any sort of string or hemp cord)

Bobby Pin Necklace Huber-what to do with all the bobbypins on your bedroom floor!

Sparkly star bobby pins | 24 Cool And Inexpensive Bobby Pin DIYs

DIY Twinkle Star Bobby Pins I made these from a pack of the glow in the dark stars you can buy for 2 bucks at Walmart. I drilled small holes into parts of them, and slipped a bobby pin through. They look adorable, and I get many compliments!

Blue pearl bobby pin beaded hair pin for wedding by crushedcameo

Blue pearl bobby pin beaded hair pin for wedding decorative bobby pin set bridal…