Laser cut wedding invitation DIY: a clever way to get the look of laser for WAY less.

Dress Up Your Invite: How to fake the laser cut look!

We get these off of the papers we deliver.  Nice to know that we can do something besides throw them away.

diy basket-making I had forgotten how easy baskets were to make. Definitely a project I need to pick back up.

Não quer gastar com sua festa de casamento? Então confira essas dicas para não gastar muito no seu casamento!

Festa de casamento: 9 dicas preciosas para não gastar muito

add color to a chain bracelet

Grampo e linha

gold bracelet and threads DIY, friendship bracelet, gold chain friendship bracelet, gold chain bracelet with thread

DIY paracord survival bracelet

paracord survival bracelet for the zombie apocalypse *Brent has worn the crap out of his. I have learned that the craft paracord is crap. get the good stuff at the camping supply stores.

@Corrie Traxler Schuckhardt. 7 DIY paper flower tutorials. These are great to make to compliment the real flowers. they look amazing

7 Pretty DIY Paper Flowers and Tutorials

"kusudama paper flowers" The rag and bone has made these kusudama flowers from old book pages ? and points us to some tutorials for making our own. [folding trees Kusudama flowers and