Bradley james

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Bradley James. I'm a sucker for guys with blonde hair and blue eyes!
Presenting Bradley James the newest pretty boy in my collection of my obsession of male celebrities

Men’s Casual Fashion Style: 100 Looks to Try

Nickolai - costume inspiration
Alexander Queen, or Alec, a businessman and trader who prefers the quiet, since he believes it helps him plan things out, since he his building his business by himself. He built his company after hid parents died, Theodosia and Oliver Queen, and left him his fortune. He's the subject of quite a bit of gossip, though doesn't seem to mind. He has one son, Oliver, named after his father but that's it.
#seriously how is this picture not banned from the internet yet

Literally the golden boy from Camelot: Bradley James from Merlin (BBC).

Music to Die For", 2008, Jack
Bradley James, you are ridiculously attractive and noble and hysterical and strong and wise and loving and endearingly annoying. You and Angel Coulby have some serious chemistry. I'm kinda in love with your character, Arthur. Bye.

Bradley James

Notice where Gwen and Merlin are. The Queen is on his left, as is tradition. But Merlin is on his right. Where the King's advisor and second-in-command would be. And none of them even think twice about of it.
Bradley James as King Arthur - Swoon!