Brian regan

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How do you make a plural? Love Brian Regan references!
Lazy Writers.  Hahaha same with art technique books.  "First draw these circles and rectangles. Add some lines. Couple more shading and details. And voila!"  Like, it's the "shading and details" I want to see!!!

Lazy Writers

brian regan quotes | Brian Regan.  This guy is usually, clean funny! We enjoy!
Brian Regan--funniest quote ever!..if you're a teacher and appreciate this brand of absurdity,... ;-)
It's a cup...with dirt in it. I call it a cup of dirt.   -Brian Regan #andyweight #brianregan #cupofdirt
Take luck! Brian Regan
I love Brian Regan!  He speaks my language.
Dribbble - Both Favorites by Micah Patrick Inspired by Brian Regan

Both Favorites

Brian Regan - "That�s why I admired that kid who spelled it wrong on purpose so he could sit down....". humor