Bryan adams

Bryan Adams. I love him for his sexy voice and beautiful songs.
Classic rock pals... Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting.
Bryan Adams "Have you ever really loved a woman" : to really love a woman you've gotta breath her, really taste her, till you can feel her in your blood"
Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams, who was only 10 in the summer of '69, for the record.Also, the first "rock" singer I had a huge crush on! I must have been quite young then. At least, I hope so.
Bryan Adams- Sexiest singing voice ever.. sang the songs for DreamWorks: Spirit back in 2002.
My 1st Concert ~ Summer of '85~Bryan Adams : Summer of '69
Bryan Adams star at the Walk of Fame... How did I not see this when I was in Hollywood?!
Bryan Adams 5
Bryan Adams singer and photography
Look at this cutie #bryanadams
Bryan Adams &  David Bowie
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