i wo'nt be on for a week so i just wanted to say bye and i love you guysXstay strongX

AND THIS IS IT! (Cocorrina)

Discussion Starter: Saying Good Riddance to 2014 ---> http://youthministry.com/discussion-starter-saying-good-riddance-to-2014/

In the News New York—At Good Riddance Day in Times Square on Sunday, dozens of people symbolically shredded bad memories from the year that’s wrapping

Yes you did but just had to f*ck up

Yes you did but just had to f*ck up. He regrets it to this day and mine was 20 years ago. He's marrying wife today Penny Hollick, Author My Naked Face

Bye Baby Bye - Lipstick lettering by Cocorrina

Goodbye Work, Hello Holidays!

So you’ve noticed that your jeans are getting much tighter and that your cellulite is getting worse. That’s a sign that you have excess fat on your thighs. The fact is, when women gain weight it tends to sit on the buttocks, thighs and hips. The fat settles on your hips and forms what is … Read More →

How To Get Rid of Saddlebags (Step By Step

Fat Melting Saddlebag Workout/Exercise - Want to get rid of saddlebags fast using exercise? Then give this saddlebag workout outer thighs move a try! This is a exercise that can make you become a saddlebag workout before and after success story!

Bye, bye oil! Hello, air! We love air fryers and the delicious healthy dishes they create! Check out these air-fried baked potatoes recipe!

How to Make a Baked Potato - Air Fryer Baked Garlic Parsley Potatoes for the best side dish recipe in just 35 minutes for your family meals. via Made these took 35 min at baked potato without using the oven.

Do What You Love: Say Bye Bye  To 2014 & Hello To 2015!

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... and just like that, I lost interest.... ;0

And just like that, I lost interest. It's ironic how meaningless and average people are once you view them from a distance.

"There is a Crack in Everything, that's how the Light gets in", Leonard Cohen

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