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coat rack from upcycled vintage skis. (by Dishfunctional Designs: Hold It Right There! Creative Coat Racks & Hooks) makes me think of my friend dawn!

BettyBooze - diy-inspo.

Hanging bedside table & 4 other DIY projects. Table made with reclaimed wood and suspended from ceiling with rope. Another DIY is a couch side table made with a log.

Pivot No 4

Pivot table by Amsterdam based designer Lex Pott is all kinds of cute. It makes a lot of sense for a small dwelling too. The piece is tiny and comes in four geometric variations, made to fit in any.

DIY - Something like this would be nice for the office.

Are you crazy about books? If so, you’re going to love this library chair. It’s not a chair that you can find in the library. It’s a chair that is also a m

Fru Vintage: DIY-Do it your self

Love this idea for under the bed, especially with all the pallets I have lying around right now from my DIY garden attempt. magazine/book holder - great idea for under bed storage for kids books.old box, ikea wheels


Unique Ladder Bookcase Creative And Cool Bookshelves Furniture Set Idea House Design Using book and bookcase as room decoration ideas Interior Design


DIY:: Old Ladder Storage // Love this look, invision it for bathroom decor as a towel hanger. Or even in a living / reading room. Hang your book or magazine open over the steps to save your page!

DIY Towel Rack & Shelf Tutorial by themerrythought

DIY Towel Rack & Shelf

DIY Towel Rack & Shelf Tutorial - this would make perfect replacement in Henry's bathroom.

diy hylla av armeringsjärn och plåt, ljusstakar clips, industri, industriellt, industrikök,

diy hylla av armeringsjärn och plåt, ljusstakar clips, industri, industriellt, industrikök,

Denna helgen ägnade jag åt att bygga till min målarhörna som jag urspriungligen konstruerade och byggde under en av mina kurser i trä och möbelsnickeri 1994-95. Då var Humbrol-färg den vanligaste hobby- färgen på marknaden och det var först senare som Citadel blev det vanligaste valet. Nu har jag byggt en ny hylla som passar både Humbrols acryl-färger men även Citadels och Army painters. Jag byggde hyllan i massiv ask med detaljer i koppar. Resten av målarhörnan är byggd av björk, bok, ek…

This weekend I have been updating my small paintingrack that I made during one of my courses in wood and interior-carpentry in B.

Bildresultat för hyllor ideer

We've rounded up more than a dozen indoor garden projects that take shape in new and different ways – growing up, hanging down, or simply making use of otherwise unused space.

Lev Livet Leende -

ROOM Collection Furniture System by Erik Olovsson Kyuhyung Cho lets you compose your own furniture, with 25 stackable blocks, each with a cut-out volume inspired by a particular object, along with a low table and a mirror.