The inspiration for my hero, Jesse Claybourne -- aka Cam Gigandet

2017 Latest Men’s Hair Trends for Spring & Summer

Cam Gigandet-- a guy in a suit is always more attractive. but this guy doesn't need the suit.

Cam Gigandet again, but I just had to put this on here. haha he is so working that baby sling.

Stylish dad with baby sling.uh don't you mean hot dad with baby sling?

Cam Gigandet. Oh hey there ;)

Cam Gigandet in London Premiere of 'Burlesque' 3

Cam! How can you NOT like this man! What a body for a hottie

Cam Gigandet: Shirtless hot/bbrbr Hes the bad boy Volchok who got Marissa killed on The O., but were not holding that against Twilights latest eye candy.

Cam Gigandet..perfect

Cam Gigandet in IFL Match in Los Angeles

Sweet mother of all things holy....I remember this dude from when he was on The OC. thought he was hot then....

Cam Gigandet He has grown into that lovely word called sophistication and a little bit of swagger.

Okay seriously with attractive men holding babies? I can't handle this much cuteness.

Happy Father's Day: Tons of Hot Celebrity Dad Pics!

Okay seriously with attractive men holding babies, especially Cam Gigandet. I can't handle this much cuteness.

Cam Gigandet | D.O.B 16/8/1982 (Leo)

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