Newborn baby camel - free camels in the Sahara desert - nomad camels

Camels in Morocco

Interesting Facts About Camels - Ships Of The Desert

Interesting Facts about Camels - Ships of the Desert

The Camel (also known as the Dromedary Camel, the Arabian Camel and the One-Humped Camel) is a large hoofed animal that is most commonly found in the hot deserts of Northern Africa and the Middle East.

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Oh yes, my daughter and I got to ride one of these ornately decorated beasts. These guys have annual races and do they GO ! Needless to say we were both a little nervous. Same trip,

Camels coloring pages | Super Coloring

Dromedary Arabian Camel coloring page from Camels category. Select from 28336 printable crafts of cartoons, nature, animals, Bible and many more.

Jamal, a camel ring, in yellow gold, with a 6ct Madagascar sapphire for his hump by Boucheron.

Boucheron Ring - 'Jamal' in yellow gold with sapphire cabochon, sapphires, emeralds & diamonds. PHOTO: © COURTESY OF BOUCHERON ~ ~ ~ look at his smiley face!

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AND WE’RE BACK (They All Hate Us)

BS: A nice pair of shoes is a must. Hand-braided mules are a great example;