Never thought i would say this but this quote is true.. now that i joined cheer i love it

Fr like i love cheer so much, im do glad i decided to join cheer in preschool.

I'm saying this to the next guy that says cheerleader not a sport... :)

Ok, so it's not a lax quote but it's stuck in my head so I'm pinning it. And I'm not just a weirdo posting a cheer quote. I actually tumble.

literally, you can say anything and I'm like "okay" but the minute you say cheerleading isn't a sport, is the minute you will get attacked by an angry mob of cheerleaders.

that's so me you say anything you want i don't get insulted but you say anything bad about cheer-leading and a BIT*H will die tonight.

This explains life when in the whom for those future cheerleader and the ones when it was passed down throw generation after generation

Lol this is so true it explains my life in my mothers stomach lololollool Cheerleading,Decor Ideas,gymnastics,

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