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cheerleader+silhouette | Cheer Scorpion Silhouette I can not do a needle yet but I am working on it

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How to pull a scorpion. Remember to take your time if you're just starting to work on it. Wouldn't want to pull anything! Good luck and have fun.(:

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Proper door frame stretch technique for scorpions/needles : ok so i see a lot of people do this stretch and their back is completely flat. that means you are doing it wrong, and if you do it like that then you might as well just sit in your splits because theres no difference. but if you push your chest up, your back will bend and then you will actually be getting a stretch for your needle/scorpion. KEEP YOUR CHEST UP!

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#cheer, competitive cheerleading, cheerleader, scorpion, This is my scorpion goal!!

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ermagerd leerrk at her needer!

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CHEER game, scorpion, stunt, IPFW volleyball - flexible cheerleader moved from Kythoni's Cheerleading: Stunts: Bow & Arrow, Heel Stretch, Scorpion & Scale board #KyFun m.130.648

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#cheer, scorpion, stunt, cheerleader, college cheerleading, game, football, flexibility, coed, sport

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cheer scorpion stunt field cheerleading m.10.59 moved from @Kythoni Cheerleading: Stunts: Bow & Arrow, Heel Stretch, Scorpion & Scale board #KyFun

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cheerleaders CHEER scorpion #mindsshots #amazingimagez

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This is as far as my scorpion goes, cant get it up any high into a needle. Gotta keep trying I guess.(:

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