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Chelsea Handler
"Chunk is my main squeeze, there's nobody I'm gonna love like Chunk. No man, no woman, nothing. He's like my soul mate."  - Chelsea Handler
His supporters are no better than their cult leader. Trolling CNN no matter what story they put out there, always claiming "fake news". All because they don't like the coverage Trump gets. Never mind the fact that Trump himself creates negative news for himself by just being Trump. Don't kill the messenger you retards. Tell your dear leader to act right . Then maybe he might get a decent headline. But hey, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. After all, this fugly pervert can't stop…
Trump is a 'B*tt Hole': Chelsea Handler Shares Naked Pic to Send Political Message -
YASSS!!! "Kids. They're not that great." Disney is waaaaaaay more fun with out kids!
Chelsea Handler
In admiration of Chelsea Handlers wit  (27 photos)

In admiration of Chelsea Handler’s wit (27 photos)

Chelsea Handler
Laugh loudly, laugh often, and most important, laugh at yourself. – Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler opens up on why aging is a good thing:

Grow Up

Chelsea Handler’s Advice to Young women: In the episode of My Turn, actress and comedian Chelsea Handler shares a story from her stand-up comedy days.

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