Christian Bale is shot by Mikael Jansson for the latest issue of Wall Street Journal Magazine.

Christian Bale is shot by Mikael Jansson for the latest issue of Wall Street Journal Magazine. Dammn he's so hot!

Christian Bale in Newsies (1992) - My first celebrity crush! :) I knew all the words from that movie!

Newsies (1992)

Christian Bale - He was better as a cowboy. And by cowboy I mean Newsie. And by Newsie I mean Jack.

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Christian Bale is a force to be reckoned with be it whatever role he takes on. The commitment that he gives to his role is always above and beyond! Every actor should learn from him!

Christian Bale Visits 'Dark Knight Rises' Shooting Victims

Christian Bale triumphed as a "Dark" Bruce Wayne in the Dark Knight Batman movie. Christian Bale and other celebs came together to finish Heath Ledgers last movie. Christian Bale beast assault charges filed by his mother at the UK premiere of Dark Knight.

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Christian Bale believe it or not i do not like him as batman. Personally michael keaton is my favorite batman. But my favorite performance of his is in (out of the furnace)

Christian Bale

Which Hollywood Actor Is Your Soulmate?

Christian Bale Seaside Photoshoot - Christian Bale | Baleheads Blog

[Christian Bale as Merrick D'Aquin - Taze's bio dad]

christian bale - let's get married! ;) haha the hottest batman ever!

Farewell letter from

I'll always love him for Patrick Bateman

Not only are you one damn fine looking man with a huge acting talent, you lead some kind of charmed life -- getting to play characters that tons of people already love. He's Batman! And Bruce Wayne. Oh, he's such a perfect Bruce.

I only accept Batman if he is Christian Bale. Sorry. sycj a great actor and cant wait to see him in alotmore movies.

Christian Bale: Human Balloon?

New Promotional Still of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises. Wallpaper and background photos of The Dark Knight Rises for fans of Christian Bale images.