Christian Kane, who returns in "The Librarians" Season 2 Nov. 1 on TNT, has plenty of experience as a part-time Portlander, having filmed "Leverage" here before shooting "The Librarians."

Christian Kane on 'The Librarians' Season 2, and what he loves about Portland

Christain Kane-The Librarian, Leverage, Angel & movie 50 to plus has his own band. What a hunk!

Christian Kane from the show Leverage and lead singer of the band "Kane"

Just a picture of the gorgeous Christian Kane. Wallpaper and background photos of Christian Kane picture for fans of Christian Kane images.  2010 article and interview with Christian Kane .. Intrepid Media .. Tracey Kelley interviewer... Click pic or link to read!

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Christian Kane as Jack Chase the nearly perfect husband and dad. I'm mean seriously, who truly wants "perfection" in a mate?

Christian Kane of the t.v. show "Leverage" as well as lead singer of country rock band "Kane"

Just some more Christian Kane.Wallpaper and background photos of Christian Kane for fans of Christian Kane images.