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Cyathopharynx Faoi - ~9" tanganyikan cichlid, featherfin, similar to Furcifer but darker and more vivid in color, residing in deeper parts of the lake, requires very large tank (over 75g)

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Tropheus Moorii African Cichlid More

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Neolamprologus Tretacephalus, L. Tanganyika

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Apistogramma cacatuoides orange flash "Cockatoo cichlid- Orange Flash" (In So. American/Amazonian tank)

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Lake Tanganyika Dwarf Cichlids call snail shells home and are native to a single lake in Africa. Males only reach a length of five centimeters in length and females around 2.5″, making them one of the smallest species of cichlid in the world. The dwarf cichlids form colonies that number in the thousands and burrow sand to move shells, take refuge in shells, and also breed in them. The fish are quite popular in the aquarium industry due to their interesting personalities and fascinating…

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Been wanting some of these Demasoni

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Blue Johanni African Cichlid.... this is one mean fish... don't put it with other fish!

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Lemon Yellow Labidochromis caeruleus, an Mbuna African Cichlid Species from Lake Malawi in East Africa.

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