How Climate Change is impacting the world- from infectious disease to natural disaster being floods to rising sea level. We need a Global Green Police Force. Green Peace, a non governmental ecological group acts in that capacity for whales. State and federal wildlife officials try to protect animals, especially when endangered or near extinction. We have no green police thanks to the climate change deniers.

How to Freecycle and Repurpose Tutorials

RE-PIN #1: What can be more valuable than the only place where we know life can not just exist, but thrive.

I am a climate change believer. It doesn't matter whether you believe it is happening or not, the important thing is to not waste and not harm our only home, planet EARTH.

The rainforests are the lungs of the earth. Trees provide a carbon sink for 20% of the world's carbon. With increased deforestation, CO2 levels increase.

Forests, jungles, trees and plants produce the oxygen that we breathe. They are the lungs of the Earth.

Wrong argument! "Climate change isn't real!" is a red herring, a diversion, gaslighting! TRASHING THE PLANET IS ABOUT BIG BUSINESS & GREED! Have THAT argument!! The only thing that drives Trump & Republicans is greed. While we earnestly argue for climate change, they're probably laughing & saying, "Well duh!!"  What's the real question?? "Who profits from this insanity??!!" Follow the money & nail the greedy bastards!!

Sadly, I doubt this will happen. For too long, fossil fuel corporations have waged a silent war against green energy. Trump would defund almost all climate change research, effectively allowing the oil companies to dictate policy.

The Countries Most Likely To Survive Climate Change In One Infographic  Read more:

The Countries Most Likely To Survive Climate Change In One Infographic

Countries most likely to survive climate change Business Insider. Map showing the level of risk for different countries. Poor and undeveloped countries, unfortunately, will suffer most.

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How to Freecycle and Repurpose Tutorials