Croque monsieur

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Croque Monsieur is the French version of a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. And, like many things, the French do it better! | Tastes Better From Scratch
Croque Monsieur is France's super-luxe answer to America's much beloved sandwich-grilled cheese.

Super-Luxe Croque Monsieur (French-style grilled cheese)

What Meryl Streep Served Steve Martin in “It’s Complicated” ~ Croque Monsieur...recipe- Ina Garten, make and watch movie. Date night!
Grilled ham and cheese: nothing to scoff at. Baked ham and cheese with velvety béchamel oozing out all over the place: mind-altering.


How to Make a Croque-Monsieur |


Mini Croque Monsieurs (Baked Ham and Cheese with Bechamel Sauce): Perfect on a buffet or for brunch.

Mini Croque Monsieurs ( Baked Ham and Cheese with Bechamel Sauce)

Classic French dishes to master ft. Le Croque-Monsieur.

13 Classic French Dishes You Need to Master at Home

Recipe For Croque Monsieur with Poached Eggs - This is one of those things where a little of everything — a tablespoon of béchamel, a slice of ham, a handful of cheese — goes a long way.

Croque Monsieur with Poached Eggs (Croque Madame)

Class French Croque Monsieur! toasted ham and Swiss cheese sandwich, topped with a bechamel sauce  of butter, flour, milk, nutmeg, Parmesan and Gruyere.
Croque Monsieur - The classic French ham and cheese sandwich, slathered with a cheesy bechamel sauce and baked! Easy and absolutely mouthwatering!! --