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P52: Week 2 – Made with Love

I stitiched this cross stitch pattern. It is beautiful and one of my favorite pieces of needlework. ~ Porcupine Design: Home Sweet Home - free cross stitch pattern link

2013 Woodland Sampler - NEEDLEWORK

2013 Woodland Sampler - NEEDLEWORK - I finished stitching up my 2013 Woodland Sampler last night. I'll be starting a new 2014 sampler (fairy tale themed) this weekend, and the stitch

Sampler Cove Midnight in the Garden - Cross Stitch Pattern. Model stitched on 36 Ct. Vintage Buttercream linen by Lakeside Linens with Silk floss by Vikki Clayt

Sampler Cove Rhapsody in Red Ribbon Sampler - Cross Stitch Pattern. Model stitched on Cream Newcastle Linen using Gloriana Hand-Dyed Threads.

Winnie the Pooh Cross Stitch Sampler you by AlphabetCrossStitch

This is a cross stitch pattern for a modern sampler with a quote from Winnie the Pooh you are braver than you believer, Stronger than you

How to do the cross stitch parking method, and whether it's the right technique for you. Some stitchers swear by parking for following their cross stitch pattern, whereas others prefer the cross country method.

The parking method: cross stitch tutorial