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This new * Bear Tracking Sheet will help you be able to keep track of where each boy is at towards the Wolf, Adventures, and Cyber Chip requirements.
Pocketknife Pledge
Cub Scouts: Bear Necessities #9 - Weather Tracking Chart. Starting ours on Wednesday.
There are now new Cub Scout Advancement Requirements to make Rank advancement easier! Yippie! For more info go to: I have made this one page double sided worksheet for a quick reference. Click on P…

Bear Advancement Modification

This Bear Advancement Excel Spreadsheet is a workbook of FREE spreadsheets developed by  Todd M. Lynch,  a  Cubmaster for Pack 444  from ...
Cub Scouts Bear Tracking Sheet. Printable for scouts binder.
Cub-Scouting It With Footprints. Bear requirement.
Bear Necessities (Cub Scouts) #9...A Simple Barometer. Do you know how to make your own barometer at home? Teach you kids how to make your very own barometer. Go here:
When your Bear Cub Scouts are working on the Marble Madness adventure, use this FREE resource!

How to Play Marbles

Cub Scouts Bear Adventure "Grin and Bear It" carnival ideas.