5 Mind-Blowing Custom Computers You Never Knew Existed - Specs: Looking within the glowing desk, you'll find of storage and a Core processor that can be overclocked to Oh, and Peter says the entire thing is silent as a mouse thanks to its

Love the Styling. Wish I knew more about it. All the discription says is "Tube Vamped Tower Amplifier" (Computer Tech Computers)

Custom computer desk plans Treadmill desks He needs a So been looking at custom desks because I was getting tired of the clutter and the way Hey

EVGA 980 Ti Hydro Copper SLI

I like the cool colors used in the coolant as well as the perimeter lighting, contrasting with the warm red glow of the memory sticks and red accent motherboard lighting.

23+ DIY Computer Desk Ideas That Make More Spirit Work

Custom computer desks, these desks are custom made for draftsmen, CAD and Web designers, Graphic artists, and designers.

Corsair just posted these pictures of their PC build.

Build a Computer Into Your Desk for Easy Upgrades, Hidden Cables

If you're tired of wrestling with cables and having to take everything apart just for a simple hard drive upgrade, this DIY "PC in a desk" could solve many of your woes.

How I Got a $2,500 Custom Computer for under $800

Have you ever wondered if it would just be cheaper to build your own computer? This is my experience with having a custom computer made specifically for my needs. If you are looking for a computer that has features beyond a basic desktop, building one can

Custom Computer Case Wall Mounted!!

MB- Asus Extreme V Ram 2400 crucial balistix sport Samsung OS only 3 SSD- Raid 0 - Games and Apps 1 storage 1 storage 2 GTX EVGA SC Asus OverClock panel Evga 1300 PSU 2 Primochill CTR enable res 2 Swiftech pumps var Primochill fittings.