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Mobil över sängen, barnrum.
När jag var barn jobbade min mamma som dagmamma vilket innebar en del pysselgöra till & från. Att sitta & leka med trolldeg var ett. Det ble...
Learn how to make these super cute DIY garden stools using tree trunks and tyres! They look just like mushroom toadstools and are perfect for little bums!

Make Garden Stools That Look Like Toadstools

Fruktpåsar av nät. Att ta med till affären istället för att använda massa plastpåsar.
Stone Labyrinth so pretty to add interest to a small area
Daycare Contract FAMILY DAYCARE CONTRACT After reading the daycare by ...
How to let go of material possessions? By incorporating a minimalist lifestyle you will allow yourself to feel freer and lighter making letting go easier.


Fun ways to surprise your kids this summer! Family summer activities | how to be a fun mom

34 Ways to Be a Cool Parent This Summer

This dirt play dough recipe is perfect for construction themed sensory play!  My preschoolers have been loving it.  Make some simple laminated play dough mats with roads and kids will have a blast bulldozing the roads and pretending to build! Give your play dough real grit by adding clean play sand.  I didn’t want to …

How to Make Dirt Play Dough