Stop the Hate Guys There Incredible Dancers!!! #StayStrongDanceMoms #StopTheHate

Stop the Hate Guys There Incredible Dancers! mackenzie is not maddie maddie is not perfect nia is not invisible Brynn is not trying to replace someone jojo is not annoying kendal is not a brat kalani is not a grownup

What's your Dance Moms name? Comment below!:) Mine's Jojo Mackenzie Lukasiak

Mine is all So I'm Mackenzie Frances Ziegler. Did u realize that that Maddie Nichole Ziegler is also, Mackenzie Frances Ziegler.

This is my favorite funny thing I attacked the floor comment who your favorite dance moms girl is mine is Mackenzie

I found this under Irish dance, not dance moms, and I just thought it was so awesome because it's totally true about Irish dance. And it's Kenzie.