Jean Shrimpton By David Bailey Love this pose

Jean Shrimpton at 91 Heigham by David Bailey Photo David Bailey.there was a recent exhibit in the london are of David Bailey's photos from that era. (I was lucky enough to SEE that one)

Paul & John by David Bailey. One of my photographers. One of my favorite photographers. Check out my guide to dream cameras at the click thru ->

For the Photography Lover: 4 Cameras Worth Considering

The Kray Brothers, 1965 Ph David Bailey

The Kray Brothers, 1965 Ph David Bailey

Michael Caine 1965 Photo David Bailey

Michael Caine 1965 Ph David Bailey

Jean Shrimpton in New York (the U.N. building just behind her), 1962. Photo: David Bailey.

Shrimpton and Bailey

At the weekend, we watched ‘We’ll take Manhattan’, the BBC programme about the trip David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton took to New York in which took bo

Celia Hammond, photo by David Bailey, Vogue Italia, 1966

A star of Swinging London, David Bailey created a deft new photographic style and helped to create icons of Twiggy, Verushka and Penelope Tree

Jean Shrimpton. Remember Yardley's Londonderry Hair Shiner.  Wish they still made it.

Out of the shadows, the Shrimp at 68: Sixties star Jean Shrimpton snapped in Cornwall