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"Don't invest in a guy based on how much you like him; invest in a guy based on how much he invests in you" Matthew Hussey  Reading his book right now, and I love it :) So wise!
Dating advice....
Steve Harvey Quotes -Dating Advice- Get some more Stev-spo at
No time or energy for games--if you want me, use words in a complete sentence and SAY SO. Otherwise, piss off.
I don't want back to the house. I just want the chance to get back to you and our family cause You All are home to me. I'm good where I am and don't want to go anywhere. Just want to work on Us!
Steve Harvey Quotes -Dating Advice- Get some more Stev-spo at
Tips and advice on finding the right relationship for you.
I've had to tell myself that many times.. When you think he cares but turns out he doesn't...
First Lady's advice to single women
I am starting over. I will go on a date in the next few weeks. I will make myself.
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16 Questions to ask a guy on a first date to ensure flowing conversation and get a peek of his values, interests and beliefs.
This is how you make a good first impression! Dating is hard - so you need to have your best foot forward. Use these tips and advice to get out in the dating world and meet your future girlfriend or boyfriend!
I'm worth more than a random hook up. Not alot of 36 year old woman can say they were with one man since 19 and are now single.
<3:-) since day one from my sexy fiancé--he genuinely cares so much && loves with all his heart, nothing forced or begged from him