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Quote on bipolar: Those moments when you just want to fall asleep because you'd rather not deal with the intensity of the depressive mood swing.

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Az ígéret szép szó, ha betartják soha. Hiszel a mesékben, ne légy ostoba! Itt mindenki 'ráj', meg mindenki 'ríl', meg mindenki 'tru', meg mindenki sír.

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sticks and stones can break your bones but names will forever haunt you. jus because people call u this things doesnt mean its tru! ur worth more than gold!!!!

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Broken quotes anime girl sad loss

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Depression is a real illness- not a weakness or a character flaw- a person can't just "snap out of it" or "get over it" and they are not just feeling sorry for themselves or seeking attention- Medical treatment is often needed. There is no shame in seeking treatment for a mental illness- end the stigma and save lives.

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Leanika Ruffle Custom Crib Bedding- 50% Deposit for Katie

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my eyes will reveal the truth of my smile

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Hey guys ! I need some help....I've been feeling really down lately and I was hoping that you guys could send me some inspirational/motivational quotes to help keep me strong ? Sorry if it seems like I'm asking for attention I just don't want to get worse I want to get better please help xx

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A Monster called Depression…

Wow, that is so powerful. More

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'It hurts. Even thou nothing is bleeding.' Music and lyrics by: Eldkvarn

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