Vanessa Jackman: Weekend Life

Desert Cactus Yeast Extract: Visibly enhances skin's radiance and promotes a rosy complexion.

Desert/Cactus Wedding Inspiration, Top Favorite 2016 Wedding Trend!

Desert Love Wedding Invitations

wilder california prints | April and May

wilder california prints

Sand Dunes :: Desert Style :: Cactus Rose :: Boho :: Gypsy Soul :: Bohemian Beauty :: Hippie Spirit :: Free your Wild :: See more Untamed Desert Photography + Fashion Inspiration

Saguaro and hedgehog cactus in the desert watercolor painting 10"x8"

Barbara Spencer Jump -floral cactus -Southwest Art Print -Saguaro cactus with blooming Hedgehog cactus

perfect kind of things for a desert garden! which is what i pretty much live in...

If you have never seen the Cactus at Flowering time, you must visit Arizona at this time of year. We lived in Arizona for 4 years and loved the blooming of the cactus!